Our History

In 2018, Bill Tai catalyzed the creation of a cute sea turtle non-fungible token (NFT) named “Honu Kitty," one of the world's first NFTs for good. The Honu Kitty NFT generated funds to protect endangered turtles from poachers.

Now in 2021, we've assembled a diverse community from the crypto, nonprofit, and celebrity worlds to join forces to replicate what little Honu Kitty accomplished, but for many meaningful causes!

Our mission is to make giving more sustainable and scalable through NFTs, and to enable any NFT to be charitable

Curated Collectibles

One-of-a-kind collaborations with talented creators, influential people, and the causes about which they are passionate

Tax Benefits

Each collection will benefit a cause chosen by the creators, and the collectors will receive a tax deductible benefit for their charitable donation

Supporting Sustainability

Nfinita believes in clean NFTs and will support NFTs on efficient and eco-friendly blockchains

If you have an NFT project or cause, contact us about the application process

The NFT for social good platform bringing together causes and their communities

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Empowered by tech and impact driven experts from around the world...

Danny Yang

Co-Founder, CEO

Founded MaiCoin, one of the first and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Taiwan. Founded Blockseer, a blockchain analytics company, later acquired. PhD in computer science from Stanford University and BA from Harvard University

Amanda Terry

Co-Founder, COO

Former digital media business development executive at Twitter, NBC, and Neustar. Community Lead, 501c3 ACTAI Global. Managing Partner, ACTAI Ventures. MBA from Wharton and BA from Princeton University

Bill Tai

Co-Founder, Chairman

VC, Athlete, Chairman of ACTAI Global, a 501c3. First backer to commit to Zoom and seed investor in Canva, Wish, Treasure Data, Dapper Labs and more than 20 companies that have become publicly listed companies.

“Charitable giving in the United States alone reached a record $471 billion in 2020, but the ways nonprofits raise funds hasn’t evolved.”

Gigi Brisson, Founder of Ocean Elders

Everything you do on Nfinita does a little good for the world!

Aligned with the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Supporters

Apolo Ohno, Author and Olympic Gold Medalist
Ben Chan, VP Eng at Chainlink
Bobby Lee, CEO of Ballet and previously BTCC
Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin
Evan Rapoport, Founder of Tidal at Google X
Gigi Brisson, Ocean Elders Founder
Guy Oseary, Sound Ventures
Holly Branson, Chair of Virgin Unite
James Citron, CEO of Pledge.to
Jeffrey (Jiho) Zirlin, Axie Infinity/Sky Mavis Co-Founder
Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf
Martine Kveim, CHOOOSE Founder
Matthew Tan, CEO of Etherscan
Metapurse, World's largest NFT fund and $69M Beeple owner
Owen Wilson, Producer and Actor
Paul Lee, Vanedge Capital, former President at Electronic Arts
Philip Rosedale, Founder High Fidelity and Second Life
Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp
Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs
Sam Branson, Founder Sundog Pictures
Sangha Tech for Good Investment Club
Stanford Farmers Investment Club
Stephen Wang, Rotten Tomatoes Founder
Suna Said, Nima Capital
Woody Harrelson, Actor and Playwright